Beginner Bowling Balls

If you are a beginner, you will need to buy the right bowling ball to improve your game. There are several types of balls to choose from, including reactive balls, asymmetrical balls, pearl and hybrid bowling balls. The quality and features of each type will also affect your decision. Beginners should consider polyester balls, which are inexpensive and durable. If you are more advanced, you should invest in a more expensive ball.

Pearl coverstocks

Pearl coverstocks are a good option for a beginner bowling ball. They offer a good balance between smoothness and angularity. This means they hook later than solids, but not as violently. Predictability is important for all bowlers. Beginners, in particular, should consider using pearls.

Pearls are the most popular coverstock choice for beginners. This coverstock is easy to work with and gives the ball more control and flexibility. Pearls are generally best for medium to dry lanes. However, they can also be used on wet lanes. If you want something softer and more reactive, you might want to go with a coverstock with a higher differential.

Pearl coverstocks are often shiny and do not require polishing. A solid version is dull and lacks sparkles. A pearl will roll up sooner and skid more. A solid ball will create more oil and friction. Pearl coverstocks are a great choice for beginners, but they are not recommended for experienced bowlers.

Beginners should consult with a certified bowling instructor and pro shop operator before buying a ball. When purchasing a new ball, it’s important to match the coverstock to the condition of the lane. An experienced bowler between 130 and 180 should own a solid reactive ball. A pearl ball is a good option for league play and competitions, as well as for dry lanes.

Hybrid coverstocks

When selecting a ball for beginner bowlers, it is vital to consider the performance you want from your ball. This will allow you to select the coverstock that best suits your bowling style and lane conditions. Each type of coverstock has different properties that affect how the bowl reacts to the lane. For example, different types of coverstocks produce different levels of friction, which will impact how your ball responds to hooks and other shots.

A good hybrid coverstock can provide the perfect balance of reaction at the breakpoint and mid-lane. This is because it is a blend of pearl and solid coverstocks. This allows for a smoother ball motion and a smoother reaction at the back end. Reactive coverstocks are great for medium oil conditions and are designed to be responsive to different bowling styles. However, they may not be as responsive as pearls.

Another good hybrid coverstock is Reactor, which is used on the Tropical line-up ball. It gives the ball a smoother motion and allows for greater leniency. This type of coverstock has a common inverted lightbulb core, which is very simple to use. This core has a low differential of 0.024, which results in a small amount of flare.

Particle coverstocks

When buying a bowling ball for the beginner, you need to look at the type of coverstock. A plastic coverstock has the advantage of being cheap, but urethane or reactive resin has more friction and can provide better pin action. A reactive resin ball offers higher friction but is less durable and is meant for intermediate and advanced bowlers.

Particle coverstock balls are similar to reactive resin balls but are made from a material that is porous. This means that they will absorb liquids, such as oil, and will be more aggressive on the lane. However, it’s important to note that a particle ball can lose energy too quickly on a dry lane.

Another type of ball that has a good hooking potential is urethane. This material allows the ball to penetrate the pocket more easily and covers more boards than a plastic ball. Reactive resin coverstock balls are more expensive than their plastic counterparts, but they offer tremendous control, the highest hook potential, and an impressive pin impact.

Rougher finish balls produce more friction and hook earlier, but they also tend to have lower ball energy retention. Pearlised and ultra low RG balls have high centralised weight and high energy retention, but require consistent higher revs to achieve optimal results. A solid polished ball also provides flexibility for refinishing to different friction levels. Solid polished coverstocks are another high-performance option. They offer better lane grip, but are slightly less predictable than sanded or rubbed surfaces.

Hammer Blue Vibe

Hammer bowling balls have a long and rich history. The Blue Vibe is one of their most popular and iconic bowling balls. This ball is known for its easy adjustment and hard hooking on dry lanes. It features a symmetric Vibe core that has a medium RG and differential. Its coverstock is CT Reactive Plus Solid and finished with a 500/2000 Abralon finish. This ball also comes with a 3-year warranty.

The original reaction shape of this bowling ball is the basis for its newer versions. These balls are able to maintain enough traction even on medium oil, creating a continuous big sweeping ball motion that produces high average scores. In addition to this, the ball works well on multiple surfaces. Its carbon fiber outer core increases durability. Its power is impressive, which will help you improve your game.

This ball is a great beginner ball for those who want to improve their game without spending a ton of money. The coverstock is pearl-like and is great for beginners. The core is made from a similar material to the Hammer Blue Vibe and feels comfortable.

Storm Tropical Surge

The Storm Tropical Surge bowling ball is the perfect starter ball for the average bowler. It has a high RG and a smooth, consistent motion. It also needs very little oil to keep its smooth motion. If you are a beginner or have some physical limitations, you will appreciate the fact that the ball can be easily revved up. This ball has great hook potential and is priced just above the average plastic or polyester ball.

When purchasing bowling balls, it is important to remember that different brands and types offer different quality and performance. Choose a product based on its price, performance, and durability. Remember to choose a product with excellent customer support so that you can get the most out of your purchase. A quality ball will last longer and perform better than a cheaper version.

The Storm Tropical Surge beginner bowling ball comes with the Surge core. It has a RG of 2.58 and a differential of 0.024, which makes it an ideal ball for beginner bowlers. You can expect to get predictable back-end hooks and optimum pin carry with this ball. The Storm Tropical Surge is a great ball for beginners, as it is easy to control, and it is loaded with hook potential.

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