Whether you’re wondering how long is a bowling lane, or you’re considering opening a local bowling alley, there are many factors you need to consider when deciding on a lane. For starters, different lanes require different start-ups. Some lanes have no push up, while others require you to get closerRead More →

Bowling TermsA breakdown refers to the repeated traversal of the ball across the lane, reducing friction and increasing the length of rolled balls. A turkey, on the other hand, refers to three strikes in a row by a single bowler. Both are examples of “over-strike” situations. A split is anRead More →

Sports For Recreation and EntertainmentParticipation in sports for recreation and entertainment is a growing tradition in America. Throughout history, people have participated in a wide variety of sports for entertainment and recreation. Some of these activities are exclusively competitive, such as professional or university competitions. Others are a combination ofRead More →

Rules For Visiting A Bowling Alley During A PandemicThe first day of the Pandemic of 1918 was late April, and Georgia’s bowling alleys reopened just a few days later, largely because Governor Brian Kemp relaxed rules for small businesses. While late April may sound like the beginning of the pandemic,Read More →